It’s Yes We Can And That’s Because We Can
Dec 15, 2022Posted by james

Sal Fabozzi wanted to transform his passion for basketball into athletic opportunities for young athletes with special needs. So, a handful of years ago, he created Because We Can Sports on Staten Island.

The organization offers children ages five to 18 the option to participate in basketball along with soccer, football and track and field in a judgement-free environment. The program explains the nuances of each sport, Fun, as in F-U-N, is the ultimate objective.

Sal’s plan does not advance children to the next level of athletic skill. The goal is to advance them in life. The program has a connection to the local Catholic Youth Organization (CYO). Sal created the concept based on his basketball clinics for special needs children. He and Anthony Passalacqua, who played CYO basketball and founded a local youth basketball program, are the program’s head coaches. They are supported by many volunteers.

Autistic children are among the participants. The program helps the children interact with their peers and this encourages them to foster relationships in their neighborhoods and at their schools. Success in the classroom also has been associated to the dynamics of program. One 14-year-old boy took his game to the next level, competing in the Special Olympics New York Winter Games.

If you are on Staten Island or know someone there, let them know about Sal and Anthony and Because We Can Sports. For information:

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