Confidence Will Help Me Get To The Podium
Apr 15, 2013Posted by james

Leo Schor recently earned a medal in a ski race. But, that’s not news to his family, because Leo has medaled in many other competitions.

Skiing is just natural for Leo. His parents first met on Mount Snow. Leo started skiing before he was two years old, and he has been on many New York slopes and even those in Utah. He still has a lot more to experience and accomplish, and he has the time. Leo just turned 13.

His most recent medal was bronze and he won it in the skiercross division during the Empire State Winter Games in Lake Placid. The medal odds were against him. A crash during a trial-run cost him the option to choose his starting position for the four-at-a-time, side-by-side races that included several jumps. Plus, his very first skiercross competition came only two weeks earlier.

But, Leo Schor certainly doesn’t lack the confidence in his ability. His goal was just to get on the podium. He’s done it before, he did it at Lake Placid and he will do it many more times. Leo just might be a name to remember for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea.

The Lake Placid competition involved 1,140 athletes of different ages across more than 10 different winter sports activities. The names of the participants mostly are unknown except to their small circles of family, friends, coaches and competitors. But, don’t be surprised when, within the next few years, you learn that a couple of rising young athletes competed in the 2014 Empire State Winter Games.

It is good to see that so many of our young people have the drive to compete. It also is refreshing and encouraging to learn that many of them already have confidence in their game.


Rangers Help Local Rinks Recover From Sandy
Apr 01, 2013Posted by james

The New York Rangers have a state-of-the-art practice facility in Greenburgh in Westchester County. Before that, their home was at the Playland Ice Casino in Rye. Even earlier, they skated at the Long Beach Arena on Long Island.

The latter two rinks were badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy last October, and both have been closed all this time. The Rangers, always supportive of the New York community and hockey fans, recently went on the power play to help with repairs to get these rinks back to full strength.

“New York Rangers Assist” is a new Rangers program supported by Chase Bank, one of the team’s major sponsors. It was designed, according to the team, “to improve the youth hockey experience and increase opportunities and accessibility to hockey.” The first task for the program is to refurbish these rinks that cater to a high volume of youth, high school and college hockey.

Playland will receive a new refrigeration system and roof, plus structural repairs. The rink should be ready after the summer. While a timetable has not been set for Long Beach, repairs will include a new refrigeration system, new ice and flooring, a new ice resurfacing machine and electrical repairs.

The Rangers had practiced at the Long Beach Arena and other Long Island rinks before they surrendered the territory to the expansion New York Islanders. The Rangers then practiced and trained at Playland from 1979 until they moved to Greenburgh during 2002.

For years, the Rangers organization—the executives and other employees, the players and former players—have embraced New York from Manhattan to Long Island and now throughout Westchester. They regularly participate in the Madison Square Garden Company’s Garden of Dreams program for children facing health and other obstacles. They also are involved with many other local charities and they still find time to skate with fans in Bryant Park and Central Park.

The thrill associated with the new Rangers Assist game plan for youth hockey is similar to netting a game-winning goal. It is another great example of the impact that a business and its employees can have within a community.