Outstanding Super Bowl:
Game Closely Mirrors Philosophies Of Both Teams
Feb 21, 2012Posted by james

If Yogi Berra watched Super Bowl XLVI he certainly would have stated that it was déjà vu all over again.

This month’s game was almost a replay of 2008’s Super Bowl XLII.

  • Both games involved the same teams – New York Giants and New England Patriots.
  • Both games had the same head coaches – Tom Coughlin for the Giants and Bill Belichick for the Patriots.
  • The same player was name most valuable player for both games – Giants quarterback Eli Manning.
  • Both games had the same starting quarterbacks – Manning and Tom Brady of the Patriots.
  • Both games were low scoring and close until the end – Giants beat the Patriots 17-14 in Super Bowl XLII and the Giants beat the Patriots 21-17 in Super Bowl XLVI.
  • The outcome of both games hinged on key plays during the last quarter.
  • Both games turned quickly on outstanding catches – David Tyree’s center of the field grab during Super Bowl XLII and Mario Manningham’s sideline catch during Super Bowl XLVI.

The success these franchises enjoy on the field begins with ownership. The management style and the winning attitude begin with the leadership projected by the Mara family for the Giants and the Kraft family for the Patriots.

Their commitment to success, along with the predetermined goals, objectives and implementation of best practices, has become part of the corporate culture practiced by each franchise. The ownership of both teams constantly reinforce their respective philosophies for success and they ensure that these philosophies are weaved through the entire organizations, guiding office management, player development, the coaches, the players and even the on-field and locker room support staffs.

As with any business, some of the players may change each year and even some of the tactics might need to be altered to address emerging market conditions. But the game plan for success always remains constant, and it always begins with ownership.