Trash Talk Doesn’t Deliver Results
Apr 04, 2011Posted by james

Take it from someone who competed on the sports field. Trash talk can be brutal. It can be intimidating. It can push you off your game, if you let it get into your head.

We’ve seen more than enough of it. We see it in football, basketball, hockey and countless other games and competitions from the pros down to the level played by our children. But if you have confidence in your abilities, trash talk will not affect your game. It even can become a source of on-field entertainment and provide a little levity to remove some of the pressure.

The same scenario is found in business. Success is achieved by conducting pre-game research, developing a game plan and remaining focused on the desired outcome. Rather than discrediting the competition or speaking too much about personal abilities, concentration needs to be placed on the needs of clients and anticipating outside influences. The objective is to accomplish the desired results.

The Whitmore Group team doesn’t do any talking until we listen to and understand the needs of our clients. We do not become concerned when our competition claims it can deliver equal or better counsel, products or services. We already know that we provide our clients with the best talent to help them achieve their desired objectives. We prove this to them every day, and at the end of every day, we always leave the field together as champions.