Hofstra University

Hofstra University provided a base of academic achievements and character development that I carry with me to this day. It was this solid foundation that allowed me to put the lessons I learned on the sports field into practice in the “real world”.

I have made a commitment to do what I can to support the many facets of this incredible institution. This support is not limited to Hofstra Athletics, but extends to the Hofstra University as a whole.


Metzger-D’Innocenzo Endowed Summer Internship for the Center for Civic Engagement at Hofstra University

Recently, I established a Scholarship Fund in the name of a beloved History Professor, Dr. Michael D’Innocenzo.  For me, Professor D’Innocenzo provided the basics that helped me achieve success within my business.  History teaches us many important life lessons and one’s professor is crucial in understanding relevance in life.  This scholarship will allow students to share in the learning process. 

Read more about this and the professor it honors.


James Metzger