Learn To Celebrate Achievements
Feb 27, 2011Posted by james

This past December, the women’s basketball team at UConn set an NCAA record. The team won its 90th consecutive game, passing the previous NCAA record set by Coach John Wooden’s UCLA men’s basketball team during the 1970s.

While many in the sports world celebrated, others, unfortunately, downplayed this fabulous story and achievement for a variety of reasons – citing significantly different levels of competition, a gap of 30+ years that resulted in different playing conditions and the opinion that the men’s record was a more difficult hill to climb. None of this, however, should have come into play to dampen the success achieved by UConn’s women athletes. Their record may never be broken and their outstanding success needs to be celebrated.

As with sports, achievements in business should never be compared and measured against the success of others from yesterday or 30 years ago. Accomplishments never will be exactly the same simply because the players, obstacles and available resources never will match perfectly.

Instead, all levels of success should be acknowledged and celebrated by an organization. Management’s role is to infuse encouragement for a team or an individual, help them seek new levels of success and lead the celebrations when goals are achieved.

At The Whitmore Group, each team and individual achievement is embraced company-wide. The knowledge gained from the battle benefits all our employees. All success stimulates our competitive spirit, helping each of us reach new heights to serve our clients.