I learned how to lose
Mar 20, 2009Posted by admin

Don’t get me wrong - I hate to lose.    I go into every game wanting to win and expecting to win.  But somehow along the way I learned a valuable lesson about losing.  I learned how to face what happened, figure out what happened and then execute a revised game plan based on the errors that I made losing the game. 

Losing also teaches you something about yourself.  As one of my favorite Hofstra Professors, Dr. John Tantillo a frequent guest on the Fox News and Business Channel used to say: “Jim you can learn a great deal about someone, not when things are going well, but when things are going wrong.”  Losing helps you to understand what you have done to lose the game and makes you realize that you must be better prepared for the challenge the next time you are in the arena.  Darn it’s hard to lose, but it’s better to win the next game knowing that you have become better along the way! Yes, I learned how to lose  and this is one of the items where Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Business I Learned On The Sports Field!

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  • By Dr. John Tantillo, July 18, 2009 @ 5:35 am

    Dear Jim,

    What can I say but I am moved by your citation of one of my favorite quotes concerning a person’t mettle. You have become the inspiration of my many students who strive for excellence. Keep up the great work and teaching others how to lose! Warmest regards, JT

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