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High School Lacrosse All-Americans

School: All Schools   State: <not available>   Season: 1974
Lance Kohler, Midfield (Calvert Hall College High School, MD)
Mike Abern, Defense (Central Islip Senior High School, NY)
Bill Carpluk, Midfield (Central Islip Senior High School, NY)
James Shelton, Attack (Charlotte Hall School, MD)
School: Division Avenue
Sandy Kapatos, Goal (Division Avenue; Nassau/Levittown, NY )
School: Dulaney
David Zingling, Midfield (Dulaney; Baltimore, MD )
School: Dundalk
Bo Duff, Defense (Dundalk; Baltimore, MD )
Terry Allen, Midfield (East Syracuse-Minoa; Central, NY )
George Cunningham, Attack (Evanston Township, IL)
Bob Macchie, Defense (Framingham South; Now part of Framingham due to merger, MA )
School: Harriton
Mike Baines, Midfield (Harriton, PA)
School: Henderson High
Zac Fraser, Attack (Henderson High; Eastern/West Chester, PA )
Jim Pappafotis, Attack (Henderson High; Eastern/West Chester, PA )
Duane Ford, Midfield (Holderness School; New England Northern, NH )
Stu Fraser, Attack (Hunterdon Central; North, NJ )
Rich Prakopoyk, Defense (Hunterdon Central; North, NJ )
School: Huntington
Paul Repp, Midfield (Huntington; Suffolk, NY )
Jeff Hickey, Attack (Kingswood School)
Larry Storrier, Attack (Lafayette High School, NY)
School: Landon School
Mike Murphy, Attack (Landon School; Bethesda, MD )
Mark Belli, Attack (Lawrenceville School, NH)
Robert Bitter, Attack (Lawrenceville School, NH)
School: Lincoln Sudbury
Steve Miller, Goal (Lincoln Sudbury; Eastern, MA )
School: Longmeadow
Dick Jones, Attack (Longmeadow; Western, MA )
Charlie Jones, Midfield (Longmeadow; Western, MA )
School: Loyola High
Mike Conner, Defense (Loyola High)
School: Manhasset
Scott Baugher, Midfield (Manhasset; Nassau, NY )
Bob Hendrickson, Midfield (Manhasset; Nassau, NY )
School: Massapequa
Craig Jaeger, Midfield (Massapequa; Nassau, NY )
School: McDonogh
Kevin Moore, Defense (McDonogh; MIAA, MD )
School: Montclair
John Mutch, Midfield (Montclair, NJ)
Mike O Neill, Attack (Montclair, NJ)
Robert Ott, Midfield (Montclair, NJ)
School: Needham
Roy Hefferman, Midfield (Needham; Eastern, MA )
Fran Duffy, Defense (North County High School, MD)
School: Nyack
Scott Findlay, Midfield (Nyack, NY)
School: Perry Hall
Barry Mitchell, Midfield (Perry Hall; Baltimore, MD )
Randy Cock, Midfield (Phillips Academy Andover; New England Eastern, MA )
Mark Pelligrini, Goal (Phillips Academy Andover; New England Eastern, MA )
Vin Perroni, Midfield (Pinkerton Academy; Derry, NH )
Richard Lewton, Defense (Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy; Nassau, NY )
Wallace Goodwin, Midfield (R.L. Stevenson School; Carmel/Monterey, CA )
School: Sewanhaka
Fran McAleavy, Attack (Sewanhaka; Floral Park, NY )
School: St. Mary's High
Joe Delvin, Attack (St. Mary's High; MIAA, MD )
Greg Wheeler, Attack (St. Paul's School)
School: Suffern
Kris Snider, Attack (Suffern; Hudson Valley, NY )
School: Syosset
Mark Belli, Defense (Syosset; Nassau, NY )
School: Tabor Academy
Bill Foutain, Midfield (Tabor Academy; New England Eastern, MA )
School: Towson
Clark Aburn, Attack (Towson; Baltimore, MD )
Andy Murr, Midfield (Towson; Baltimore, MD )
School: Uniondale
Kovar, Defense (Uniondale; Nassau, NY )
School: Wantagh
Ron Parisi, Goal (Wantagh; Nassau, NY )
School: Ward Melville
Charlie Brown, Goal (Ward Melville; Suffolk, NY )
Bob Rotanz, Defense (Ward Melville; Suffolk, NY )
School: Watertown
Joseph Speno, Attack (Watertown; Central, NY )
School: West Genesee
Richerd Lundblad, Attack (West Genesee; Central, NY )
Marc Palumbo, Midfield (Williston Northampton School, MA)
School: Wilton
Craig Ferrer, Attack (Wilton; Public, CT )
Dave Haefele, Goal (Wilton; Public, CT )