Tuck Is A Giant Among Young Readers
Sep 03, 2012Posted by james

He would like to be remembered for more than “getting after Tom Brady a couple of times.”

Those were the words uttered by New York Giants All-Pro defensive end Justin Tuck when he was honored a few months ago for his on-field performance and off-field philanthropy. He received the John V. Mara Sportsman of the Year Award at the 76th annual CYO Club of Champions Dinner in New York City.

Tuck and his wife, Lauran, are committed to improving the reading habits of children. His RUSH (Read, Understand, Succeed and Hope) to Literacy initiative is focused on raising funds to donate books and other materials to schools and communities throughout the New York metropolitan area and in his home state of Alabama. Tuck also recently published a children’s book – Home Field Advantage.

“It’s something that me and my wife are very passionate about, education and reading,” said Tuck at the CYO dinner. “And we want to leave a legacy for…our kids. And I think that book is going to go a long way to doing that.”

All athletes who shine in the spotlight should also consider their off-field legacies. Their careers provide them with unique opportunities to help others, and their contributions will deliver a lifetime of rewards.

In this instance, Justin Tuck is more than a champion football player. He is a star to many of the children he will help with his RUSH to Literacy program.



  • By Wally Walkup, September 7, 2012 @ 3:55 am

    We only hear about the thugs, arrests, suspensions and bad behavior. It’s a shame that we don’t hear about the many athletes that give back anonymously.

  • By Peter Lee, October 6, 2012 @ 11:40 am

    Always fun to watch how you deliver on your off-field philanthropy, Jim! That legacy stands to live on quite a long time.

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